RySense is equipped with an extensive range of research capabilities across the entire qualitative and quantitative spectrum. From focus groups and on-site observations to surveys conducted online, face-to-face or over the phone, we select the most suitable research methods for timely and incisive feedback.

While many research houses outsource their data collection and processing, we prefer to fully manage it ourselves for the best, most accurate data. Our comprehensive in-house, end-to-end approach and stringent standards of control ensure unparalleled data quality for every methodology we employ. By combining traditional approaches with modern, innovative research technologies such as eye-tracking, we build customised research programmes that deliver impactful insights for better decision-making.

Our Areas of Expertise

Understanding Singaporeans and Social Trends

We go to the ground to listen to Singaporeans and really understand what is on their minds and in their hearts, what their hopes are for the future. Keeping our pulse on what stirs and moves the nation, we seek to identify the ways in which Singapore society is evolving over time, and capture the nuances and motivations that drive these changes.

Social and Public Programme Evaluation

We seek to understand Singaporeans’ awareness, receptivity, satisfaction with and likely behaviour in response to social and public initiatives. The feedback is used to help improve the design, implementation, and uptake of such programmes and ultimately, better address the needs of the Singapore public.

Communications and Campaign Testing

As specialists in communications and message testing, we help gauge people’s responses to public messages and communication campaigns. We find out if people notice and understand the messages, whether they remember what they saw and if the messages reached the intended target groups. These insights are channelled towards improving the clarity and impact of messaging.