I began as an intern at RySense a few years ago. Before I started my internship at RySense, my impression of research was that it was time-consuming, boring and the topics explored were esoteric. My internship was the first chance I had to explore a career in research. I was pleasantly surprised to discover a dynamic environment that was intellectually stimulating and enjoyable to work in. Through interning with the qualitative research team, I was introduced to qualitative research, which I had little exposure to in school and which I found suited me well. I was therefore keen and happy to return as a full-time staff after graduating.

Thereafter as a permanent staff, I began to conduct interviews and focus groups on a regular basis. This was my biggest challenge as it is nerve-wrecking to be put on the spot in front of a stranger and more so, a group of them. However, with time and practice, and the careful, nurturing guidance of my team, I was able to get through this challenge.

What I appreciate most in RySense is my team, who are great and supportive colleagues throughout the ups and downs of our work. There is good camaraderie between us, and it is true even when we hang out outside of work.

Before I joined RySense, I was working in the healthcare sector but was keen to explore opportunities in a different industry – market research. I was interested in how I can utilise data analytics/data science in different industries and RySense offered me the opportunity to undertake this interesting challenge.

My work requires me to explore the various data transformation techniques on raw data and find the most efficient, scalable and reproducible ways. This means trying out new ideas and finding out what works best for the use case of the dataset. I really appreciate the flexibility that I am given to try out these new ideas.

One other aspect which I think is the best part about working with data analytics in a research environment like RySense is looking at our current research capabilities and how to enhance them. This is challenging and not something people typically do in data analytics. It also gives me an opportunity to utilise my knowledge for a different purpose.

Other than work, I really like our staff welfare – initiatives like giving us a day off in lieu of World Mental Health Day, surprise ‘treat days’ and festive lunches. I also appreciate our flexible benefits programme, something that not a lot of companies offer.





One of the things that I look for when joining an organisation is the alignment of the company’s purpose with my personal values. RySense is committed to shape a better Singapore through the work that our researchers do, and I’m proud to be one of the people within the company that is indirectly helping to build a better future.

I find personal fulfilment in being part of a team that cares, supports and develops our people. Most importantly, this is also an initiative that our management believes in, and it can be seen through our staff development framework. These initiatives aim to improve wellness, foster stronger bonds among our people and develop a deeper sense of common identity and purpose at RySense. This is aligned to my personal values in caring for our RySense family.

What I appreciate most about RySense is how inclusive the teams across different entities are, and how different departments are able to interact amongst each other, on both professional and personal fronts. For instance, staff from research team and us would have lunches together, with them also inviting us to join them for their departmental team bonding activities. On a professional front, staff from various departments come together to work on side projects (we call this our Intellectual Capabilities Development programme) or participate in our Staff Development Area (SDA) interest groups. On a group level, the company also organises festive meals and company team bonding activities to bring everyone closer together.

Another strength of RySense is that we have a sound development pathway for staff of all levels, e.g. the Research Foundation Programme for junior employees, middle management training and leadership mentoring for middle managers, and management development sessions for senior management. Young talents looking to join us can be assured that RySense is committed to developing our staff. We not only look at growing their skills in their immediate line of work, but also for the long term.

I have been working in finance for some time and decided to explore something different to broaden my skill set and seek new challenges for growth. When I heard that the field team in RySense was looking for someone who could help to automate sample management for field interviews, I thought I could give it a try. Embarking on a new career path can be daunting, but returning to RySense was like walking blindfolded with the support and guidance from familiar colleagues, making the transition more seamless. Thanks to my patient and supportive colleagues, I was able to develop confidence in my new role.

Doing sample management is refreshing and exciting as each day I am challenged to think of creative solutions to satisfy the quotas for each project. Every project is unique and the process is dynamic, requiring me and my team to adapt to challenges on the ground. This fosters my ability to think on my feet and navigate complex situations. I also appreciate the freedom I am given to explore and experiment to come up with solutions. The sense of accomplishment at the conclusion of each project is very fulfilling.

Zhi Cong




I have been with RySense for four years. It was an interesting journey from the start, as I joined RySense during the first COVID-19 lockdown in Singapore. The nature of commissioned research pieces we do are understandably coloured by the pressing Singaporean issues of the moment; being able to observe the evolution and cycles of research topics throughout the COVID-19 pandemic also gives me a good sense of how we move forward in our broader journey together as a nation.   

As a researcher in RySense who is heavily involved in generating insights for our clients, I appreciate that every research piece is built on a solid foundation – data quality. As someone with many years of experience in the market research industry, I can safely say that the standards of data quality at RySense are top-notch. Being able to stand by your findings and insights with utmost conviction in the quality of data is not something that is to be taken for granted in this industry, and I am truly glad to always have that conviction as a researcher in RySense.    

I define myself as a problem-solver, and my years in RySense has given me many opportunities to grow in this aspect. The intrinsic satisfaction of being able to do good by your clients and play a part in helping them address the social issues they’re working on, no matter how big or small, is something I treasure a lot. In addition, being able to work closely with a diverse group of researchers with individual domains of expertise in research methodologies helps me greatly in becoming a holistic researcher, and to best advise clients on the most effective route towards addressing their research problems/objectives.

All in all, I have treasured the many opportunities to guide junior researchers, bounce ideas off my team mates to get the best solutions for our clients, and being able to play a significant role in helping to triangulate solutions to the concerns/issues we face as Singaporeans.

“As one of RySense’s pioneers supporting its set up in 2014, I have seen us grow our capabilities and develop our people over the years. I am glad to say that we’ve done this still keeping to the key tenets of our founding philosophy: to stay reliable, focus on teamwork, remain forward looking and deliver key insights for our clients.

All this would not have been possible without a group of committed team players and a never-say-die spirit. As a small outfit, our adaptability and courage to go back to the drawing block when needed, is critical. We have also had the advantage of charting our own path as a new player in a very niche area. Despite the competition, we remain in a league of our own.

What I appreciate about our culture in RySense is that we celebrate development and growth. Having set up the next phase of our intellectual capabilities development (ICD) programme, I have witnessed the value RySense places on driving collaboration and innovation. RySense also places great emphasis on nurturing individuals and the talents they bring with them. We have a team of experienced and nurturing leaders to journey with each member of the RySense family and help them maximise their potential. We not only prepare our people for the work here but for a future career beyond RySense where they can continue contributing meaningfully.

Many of us at RySense chose to work here to be part of a meaningful experience of generating impactful insights that would benefit Singaporeans. After many years, I am happy to note that this continues to drive our work and is a core part of our identity and culture.”

Nadia Olisa

Associate Director (Qualitative Research)

Before joining RySense, I worked in the field of academic research for two years. I was looking to do work with greater relevance to real world issues and impact on society. With its focus on social research, RySense offered me the opportunity to make the switch to a career that aligns more with my personal values.

My journey here so far has been rewarding. I run polls on a variety of socio-economic issues, the findings of which provide insights to our clients and the general public on the thoughts and views of Singaporeans. I am also motivated by the fact that the research I do helps to inform decision-making that can result in positive change for Singaporeans.     

What I like about working in RySense is the close collaboration across the different teams. Through working with colleagues with diverse expertise, we get to learn from one another and hence grow professionally. I also appreciate that RySense values the learning and growth of employees. Attending the Research Foundation Programme, one of our targeted training programmes for researchers, I was able to develop my technical competencies and soft skills. As a result, I am equipped to perform better at my job and to tackle challenges in the long term in my career.

Staff welfare is also a priority at RySense. We enjoy good healthcare benefits and activities for staff bonding such as company-wide festive celebrations and family days. These ‘perks’ of being a RySense staff make me feel appreciated for my efforts and motivated to do my work better.

Lee Jia Wen

Senior Executive (Senior Executive, Quantitative Research)