Gabriel Tan

Manager (Quantitative Research)

“The most challenging experience I’ve had at RySense was when I just joined and had to independently learn and lead the deployment of door-to-door surveys within a short amount of time. At the time, this pipeline of work was relatively new to RySense. Yet it was also an immensely rewarding experience due to the genuine sense of teamwork among our professionals in various areas such as field operations, data solutions and quality control. They were instrumental in helping things to take off and in guiding me along. In the process I also picked up many invaluable insights on how to better translate our clients’ research objectives into survey questions that work best with respondents on the ground.

I feel the best part of working in RySense is the sense of pride we have in the quality of work we deliver. As someone who has worked in the commercial market research industry for several years, I can attest to RySense’s uncompromising commitment to the quality of every aspect of the research process. Another thing I really appreciate is the fact that outside of our daily operations, the organisation offers platforms for staff across teams to share learnings from their projects as well as opportunities to explore research areas of their own interest, also known as our intellectual capabilities development (ICD) programme. This means I get to continually acquire more research knowledge and build on the cumulative expertise of others to sharpen my skills.”

“As one of RySense’s pioneers supporting its set up in 2014, I have seen us grow our capabilities and develop our people over the years. I am glad to say that we’ve done this still keeping to the key tenets of our founding philosophy: to stay reliable, focus on teamwork, remain forward looking and deliver key insights for our clients.

All this would not have been possible without a group of committed team players and a never-say-die spirit. As a small outfit, our adaptability and courage to go back to the drawing block when needed, is critical. We have also had the advantage of charting our own path as a new player in a very niche area. Despite the competition, we remain in a league of our own.

What I appreciate about our culture in RySense is that we celebrate development and growth. Having set up the next phase of our intellectual capabilities development (ICD) programme, I have witnessed the value RySense places on driving collaboration and innovation. RySense also places great emphasis on nurturing individuals and the talents they bring with them. We have a team of experienced and nurturing leaders to journey with each member of the RySense family and help them maximise their potential. We not only prepare our people for the work here but for a future career beyond RySense where they can continue contributing meaningfully.

Many of us at RySense chose to work here to be part of a meaningful experience of generating impactful insights that would benefit Singaporeans. After many years, I am happy to note that this continues to drive our work and is a core part of our identity and culture.”

Nadia Olisa

Associate Director (Qualitative Research)

Colette Tan

Senior Executive (Quantitative Research)

“Having studied most of my life intending to become a journalist, my internship with RySense unexpectedly, in a good way, brought me on a different career path. It opened my eyes to how a research organisation works and gave me an idea of what I could do if I entered the industry. During my internship, I was attached to the qualitative research department and was exposed to the full spectrum of qualitative research processes. RySense also gave me the opportunity to observe and participate in quantitative research. Exposure to various research methodologies has helped to guide my journey towards becoming an all-rounded researcher. After graduating from university, I decided to join RySense for a meaningful first job in my career.

Working here has taught me to push my boundaries, which is also a reflection of the organisation’s culture of learning and growth. I have picked up a lot of quantitative technical and research skills both from on-the-job training provided and formal courses that the company has sent me to attend. This has helped me to grow both my skills and fuel my passion for research. My internship at RySense opened the door to enriching work that I look forward to each day.”