The family has always been important to Singaporeans as a foundation for love, support and meaning in life. With 2022 designated as the Year of Celebrating SG Families, RySense conducted a study to understand how the concept of the Singaporean family and attitudes towards family support are changing with times. We surveyed 1,063 respondents* from our online panel,, to find out their thoughts on household living preferences and expectations on caregiving of young and old family members. Here are the highlights from our findings:

Family the first line of support for most Singaporeans

For many Singaporeans, families are likely still their first line of care and support. Most agree that they can get the emotional (Figure 1, 68%) and financial support (Figure 1, 65%) they need from their immediate family.

Most would look after elderly parents but not expect their children to do so for themselves

Singaporeans have a strong filial obligation to care for their elderly parents. More than 3 in 4 (Figure 4, 77%) would play an active role in taking care of their elderly parents.

While Singaporeans would take care of their elderly parents, about 6 in 10 (Figure 2, 56%) do not expect their children to do the same for them. This is particularly so for those in the 40-49 age group (Figure 2, 70 %).

Looking after children –differing expectations as parents vs willingness as grandparents

In Singapore, the family is also an important caregiving resource for those with young children. 4 in 10 (Figure 3, 43%) expect caregiving support from the child’s grandparents. However, only 3 in 10 (Figure 4, 32%) are inclined to play an active role in taking care of their grandchildren. This gap in expectations for caregiving could mean a rethink on the part of parents, possibly relying less on their own parents and looking at other options to take care of their children as the traditional role of grandparents evolves .

Moving ahead with family as foundation

These are just some of the key findings from our research indicating that while the structure of the Singapore family and expectations of familial responsibilities are changing, family ties continue to remain strong. For more insights on the Singaporean family, drop us an email at